Transparency at it best

Hello everyone, this is my first official post as a blogger, and i hope that through this page you are blessed, i pray that you will find God in everyday little things but most of all i pray that you get to know Jesus as your personal savior.

My story

I was raised in a household with both parents, in a nice home and a nice neighborhood. I heard Gods call when i was seventeen years old, but my struggle with homosexuality led me astray. I had a praying mother and father, and my mother would often preach to me about how i needed to change. Many times I did but nothing ever stuck, my attempts to change for her or my family never worked. Now at twenty-four i know why it did not work, because i did not want it to work wholeheartedly… God was waiting for me to be ready, the previous times i tried did not work because of me….not because of God. God was able is able and will forever be able, but he wanted me to want to be free. To this day many people do not believe in my deliverance, but I let my life speak for itself. I love God with all my heart, and this is just the beginning of where he will take me. My goal is to share stories and experience, and revelation from the Holy Spirit so you too can be and remain free. God loves you and he desires to have relationship with you, and you will never fully experience that until you put away somethings that hinder you, and that or those issues are between you and God, never allow anyone to monitor your sin, because while they are monitoring yours they are operating in one. so this is the introduction to Redemptions Revelation, i hope you are blessed and continue to be blessed

with Love