Walking Dead!

Your dreams and your passions keep you alive, especially when you are caught up in the daily routine. The more you share your dream, the more you expose your passions people will take notice. Some will support you, but you must beware of the walking dead!

E, what do you mean by the walking dead? I mean the dream killers, the naysayers, the ones who do not support or believe in you because they do not believe in themselves.

It is easy for people to support you when they do not see your dream or passion developing, but there will be some who see it, and want to kill it. They want to kill it because someone killed theirs, or they have aborted it themselves.

Sometimes you have to learn to keep your dreams and passions between God and yourself. 

Everyone can’t handle what your bringing to the table, or what you one day will bring. Everyone won’t be excited for you to prosper, to be honest MOST people will have something negative to say.

You have to learn to study human actions, and use wisdom in doing things, people fear what they do no know, and they fear falling behind, or watching someone else rise while they stay stagnant. One of the scariest things in life is watching someone prosper and you are not prospering yourself. Its horrifying to watch someone begin to live and your dying inside.

Passions, and dreams were designed to allow us to live, to thrive, to take risk, take chances and travel into the unknown, all with God by our side. Without him we are nothing. He is the one who makes our crooked places straight, he shows us when to speak, when to share, and most of all when to be still.

Yet, we still have to be careful because people are waiting for us to fail, and their desire is contagious, they walk dead because they have not be exposed to the anecdote of dead dreams and passions. The cure is always in the curse, revive your dreams and passions if you want to live.

Maybe your walking dead, killing dreams of others, telling them their dreams or ideas will never work, even if its not out loud it still counts. When you do that you spread the dis-ease, you are silently killing a dream or passion.

We should always support one another, and speak life into our brother or sister. The world full of jealousy and envy, we need more love and support to counteract the negativity.

Jesus did not die on a cross, for us to pay bills and die, he did not tell us we were the head and not the tail for us to die unfulfilled and broke. I am not saying that money is the answer, but I’m saying your gifts, your passions, your dreams will make room for you!

That is why there are dream killers, the enemy only comes to steal kill and destroy! He wants to destroy the dream, the passion inside you because it will be a testimony, and it will bring lives to Christ.

Before I close let me reveal this very important point: The Love of money is the root of all evil, but not having money. God created money as a resource for us to share the Gospel. NOT THE SOURCE BUT A RESOURCE! That is why it is important to following your dreams and watch out for dream killers.

Our dreams will open doors, that will open resources that will help you win lives for Christ!

Don’t walk dead, don’t look over people who walk dead either, ask God to revive the passion inside of them, or even if you are walking dead, I ask now on your behalf that God would revive the passion, the dream, or show you the passion or dream he has placed inside of you!

in Jesus name, amen!

With Love, E


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