An Itch You Can’t Scratch

Uncomfortable is feeling uneasy, having slight pain, or feeling physical discomfort. This is a feeling most of us know very well especially if we are true believers. There are countless stories in The Bible about God’s people being in uncomfortable places, yet they always come out better then when they entered that stage.

God does his best work when we are uncomfortable, when we are feeling awkward it forces us to rely on God. Being in a place where you have literally done what you know, or been told to do, but you are waiting on the manifestation of the promise. It can be an ugly place, because the nature of a human being is to waiver. We consider what we could have done different to expedite the process, but we have to learn to appreciate the process.

Everything that produces something worth having goes through a process.

Why would we think our lives were any different?

Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah, Moses and even Jesus went through a process, and the process is always uncomfortable.

The process is full of discomfort because your in the middle of going in and coming out. Just like when a woman is in birth, it hurts her because the baby is not completely in the womb or outside of the womb, in the middle of the past and the future but it is necessary. Being uncomfortable teaches us that we are not in control, God is, and if he was faithful in your last uncomfortable place, then why wouldn’t he be in this one?

Believers really have no excuse, God has proven himself time and time again yet we still sweat when we can’t see the provision, but it is just that the pros-vision. He knows the plan, and he knew the plan before you were born, he has already provided grace and mercy in the places you will mess up, and already set boundaries in the place you think about crossing that you shouldn’t. He is in your future, your past, and your present all at the same time.


There is no need to worry, your only concern should be acknowledging him in all your ways, seeking his face and being obedient.

Dont panic, it is coming, not when you want it but when you finish processing. Don’t rush into the next place because your uncomfortable, embrace it, learn the lesson.

God gave me an illustration how the uncomfortable place works for our good. If your purpose was to build a chair, God has already given you the manual ( The Bible) you just don’t have all the pieces yet.

When you went through a heartbreak, you got a leg.

When you went through a death in your family, you got another leg.

When you lost your best friend, you got a seat.

When your car broke down and you had no other source of transportation, you got the back of the chair.

Your boss at your job kept persecuting you, you earned another leg.

God ask you to quit your job and move your whole family across country for your purpose, you earned the rest of the pieces you need.

So now you can build your chair, you can live in your purpose fully, and all the uncomfortable places provided you with what you needed for your destiny.

We cannot expect things to be microwaveable all the time.

God is preparing us in the uncomfortable place, he is developing us and instilling the fruits of the spirit in the process. We go through a process because it teaches us, and it helps us apply value to the gifts and the dreams and passions God has given us. If God just dropped it all in our laps we would take advantage because we wouldn’t understand the value.

The more you go through, the more God has for you! 

Many people feel that since they obey God and live life according to the word, that they are exempt, but we are not. We are even more qualified. You understand that what your going though is not necessarily about you, but for the cause that your attached to. Your destiny is tied to other people. You will be a testimony to the nations, reflecting the hand of God.

It was good for me to be afflicted
so that I might learn your decrees.

Psalm 119:71

So rejoice, because your greater is closer than what you think.

With Love, E


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