Your Destiny Has A Price

Life can become so mediocre when you’re not operating as you have been called to operate. Work can become boring, school seems dull and your are overall just unhappy. Yet your heart and in your mind your destiny is calling you.

Moses lived the story of destiny. Moses was born a slave but grew up as royalty, he lived a lavish life and had anything he wished for even though he was not Pharaohs blood grandson. It was all natural until one day God began to reveal his true purpose. Moses’ purpose was to lead the Israelites out of bondage but he did not know what it was going to cost him. Though Moses had a calling it would require him to lose somethings, well almost everything that made him comfortable. He left his wealth, his power, and his position to answer the call of God.

People always highlight the parts in Exodus about the Israelites but no one talks about the pain and hardship Moses had to endure because of losing his family. He watched his family die because of disobedience. He carried the burden of knowing that if his family did not follow Gods commands it would lead destruction of Egypt and the loss of everything he once knew.

How many of us would reconsider if God told us that following your destiny would cause you to lose everything you knew?

Destiny Has A Price 

Same Goes for Noah, the only difference is he was able to take his family. Noah still lost his friends, everything he had built and worked for.

Are you ready to give up everything you desire, for what God desires? 

Life is all about purpose, we are born because of purpose, but walking into your destiny will hurt. There will be things you have to forsake, and things you have to change about yourself, BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

Sacrifice in this season is essential for God to take you to the next level, being uncomfortable will become your home, but remember who you are, and whose you are. God will not fail you, and if you walk in obedience you cannot fail. Listen to the instructions God has given you and run with it. This is not the time for distractions, or detours. Follow God and don’t look back….

Your greater is not coming it’s already here. 

With Love, E


Be Great Anyway 

You ever felt someone staring at you and wondered what their problem was? They see something you do not. They do not like what they see and what they see is greatness. 
Others always see what we don’t. They see the greatness before we even start walking in it. All we ever seem to speak of is the opposition it took or takes to accomplish a step to our dreams but that is to be expected. 

No one was ever great without struggle and I am sorry to break it to you but your no different. Bibibcally people struggled. Pharaoh didn’t have any idea what he was   looking at when he looked at Moses all he knew was he didn’t like what he represented or what he heard.
When what he was seeing and hearing was a reflection of God. 
There will be people who don’t like you because they see the God In you. If there is God in you, you have to be great because God is great. You have no other option. 

Your going to have to fight for this… This can not be bought nor can it be given but this level of greatness must be earned. You have to work for it. 

I know it’s hard and you want to quit but you can’t quit unless your dead and your reading this so your not. Sorry. 

Run This race and be obedient to God, but don’t forget to be efficient in everything you do. Take your time but be conscious of time you do not have time to procrastinate. Be diligent and do everything in the spirit of excellence. 


So go, go and be great because the God you serve is great. 

With Love, E

He is Strength in The Struggle

Do you have the strength to still say God is good in your struggle? 
Life will toss you and turn you and make you feel like God has left you but we must remember even in the midst of our struggle God is still good. 

Even in our struggle, God is still faithful. When things don’t work out in our favor God is still God and God is good. 

We often go through things in life that test us, and test our faith but we have to be strong and stand on the promises of God. This week alone I felt like I was failing, felt like I was going to have a panic attack, felt like I wanted to cuss people out. As I was laying in my bed full of emotions I heard the Lord say you will not fail. With God we cannot fail, we may fall but we cannot fail. 

If God be for us then who can be against us. 

He is our light and our salvation. 

We can trust God! 

When it’s ugly when have to tell ourselves that we can trust God. If we cannot trust anyone in this world we can trust God. 
Being overwhelmed is a very awkward space, because you either want to quit or just sleep until it’s all over. Little did we know unless we commit suicide we can’t quit. We have to get up another day if God grants it and fight for our peace. 
You have access to all the peace you need. Speak it. 

With Love, E

Enjoy God

People have always made God seem so mean, so forceful, so angry. When in reality he is the exact opposite. As we go through life, and hear others speak about God it can become very scary. People always make it seem as if we are going straight to hell if we do not follow every little detail in The Bible.  What they forget to tell you is God is merciful, and he is loving and he wants you to have a relationship with him. I believe the people that scare you into God actually have no real relationship with him.

Relationship with God is beautiful. The world has painted an ugly picture. The world tells you God wants to boss you around, when he has given us rules and standards only to protect us from getting hurt. They make it seem like he twists your arm to spend time with him, or go to church, or obey his commands. When God really is a gentleman, he desires for you to desire him. He is sweet, he is kind, he is love but in order to find that out, one must search for him, seek his face, read his word.

No one is asking you to read twelve chapters a day, but just really sit down and read, ask God what he is trying to say to you. Sit still and talk to him, even if you do not hear anything back. Take time to get to know God because God wants to get to know you.

He loves you unconditionally, and he desires to hold you close. You are dear to him!

Jeremiah 29:13 New International Version (NIV)

13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Read about him, watch how he desired for you to commune with him. How he made ways to get to your heart. His love is so big, so grand, it covers every broken place, and mends every broken heart. Even when you cannot put your pain into words God understands.

Give God a chance to love you.

My prayer for you today, is that you would give God time out of everyday of your life, that you would learn about his ways and allow him to love you unconditionally. I pray that the love of God would shower you, and that you would seek his face and when you find him you share it with everyone you know.

God’s love is unlike any other, and when I felt like I was nothing, he made me feel like something. He sees you, and he knows your hurt, but he wants to heal you, allow God to heal you today. 

With Love, E

Mama’s Religion


We have all heard our mother say this, especially if she was into church. However being into the church and being apart of the church God refers to is different. Mother only seemed to say this when what I was doing did not meet her expectation, or I was doing something she did not agree with. Yet I still had to respect her even if it meant saying nothing in response.

In all honesty Mama was just doing what she knew best. Now Mama’s approach was not always perfect but she loved me. When I was living the homosexual lifestyle, my mother would nag me anytime she could, she would try to preach me out, pray me out, yell me out, but none of it worked. There were times when I would pause for a moment, but it never stuck because i did not do it for me, I did it for her.

Every time I would try to live my life they way I was told I failed, I would wonder what happened to me, or why It did not work. I wondered If this lifestyle would become permanent. I had the right idea, but the wrong intentions. I was one of those teenagers who would put “Only God Can Judge Me” and I was right, but Gods judgement is nothing to be toyed with!

It’s funny how we make excuses for our sin and even that statement became an excuse. It was saying I am going to do what I want because God is the only one who can tell me otherwise, and Im really not trying to hear him right now.

It seemed that I had forgotten about the other things that came along with that judgement, LIKE PUNISHMENT!

Every choice has a consequence whether it be good, or bad. I had began to forget about the various parts in The Bible that talked about how a man Gave his life for me…so I could be free from homosexuality.

No one really wants to say it but i know God can deliver someone from a homosexual lifestyle, it just takes work! 

I needed to know that God loved me for who I was, and that he would still love me even if I did not change. He loved me regardless of who I laid with, but his desire was for me to be free from a homosexual lifestyle. Some might ask how do you know that. I know this because God created female for male, because marriage is sacred, because God said so, and what God says overrides how I feel, and what I say, because I love him!

My desire and his desire did not match up until I learned who he was for myself. I did not want to stop dating women for God, I just wanted to learn about him, and love him. In the process of doing that he changed my desire.

Now as an older and more mature believer I understand that the love of God is the most important thing in this world. It touches   the heart like nothing else can. God’s love is what my mother couldn’t teach me, it had to be experienced first hand. Once I experienced it, I couldn’t go back. There are times when I get tempted, but everyday I am reminded of how far God brought me, how he keeps my mind, how he loves me when I make mistakes. There is nothing in this world that can compare to God and his love. Him showing me love is what brought me out, but me loving him and having relationship is what keeps me out.

I am thankful for what my Mama did when I was younger, because she did what she could. She only wanted the best for me, she wanted to see me living the life God had planned for me.

Once I experienced God for myself he became something I never want to lose. 

Get to know God for yourself, and I am not talking about the judging God, I am talking about the loving God, the God who sent his son to die for you. Once you get to know him then decide if you want to live for him. I promise you will not be disappointed!

With Love, E