Your Destiny Has A Price

Life can become so mediocre when you’re not operating as you have been called to operate. Work can become boring, school seems dull and your are overall just unhappy. Yet your heart and in your mind your destiny is calling you.

Moses lived the story of destiny. Moses was born a slave but grew up as royalty, he lived a lavish life and had anything he wished for even though he was not Pharaohs blood grandson. It was all natural until one day God began to reveal his true purpose. Moses’ purpose was to lead the Israelites out of bondage but he did not know what it was going to cost him. Though Moses had a calling it would require him to lose somethings, well almost everything that made him comfortable. He left his wealth, his power, and his position to answer the call of God.

People always highlight the parts in Exodus about the Israelites but no one talks about the pain and hardship Moses had to endure because of losing his family. He watched his family die because of disobedience. He carried the burden of knowing that if his family did not follow Gods commands it would lead destruction of Egypt and the loss of everything he once knew.

How many of us would reconsider if God told us that following your destiny would cause you to lose everything you knew?

Destiny Has A Price 

Same Goes for Noah, the only difference is he was able to take his family. Noah still lost his friends, everything he had built and worked for.

Are you ready to give up everything you desire, for what God desires? 

Life is all about purpose, we are born because of purpose, but walking into your destiny will hurt. There will be things you have to forsake, and things you have to change about yourself, BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

Sacrifice in this season is essential for God to take you to the next level, being uncomfortable will become your home, but remember who you are, and whose you are. God will not fail you, and if you walk in obedience you cannot fail. Listen to the instructions God has given you and run with it. This is not the time for distractions, or detours. Follow God and don’t look back….

Your greater is not coming it’s already here. 

With Love, E


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