In Between Places: A Journey to From Past to Purpose II

This journey is one of the most exhilarating and challenging things I have ever done in my life. Moving 1000 miles away from my heart is the thorn in my side, but God has been faithful all the way. He placed me right beside everything I need literally.

When my parents and I began looking for apartments I had a whole list. We began going down the list, and even looking at some that were not included. We ended up driving onto this strip that had literally EVERYTHING on it. So we ended up stopping at a complex to take a look. It wasn’t new, it was older than I desired but it looked nice and something in me felt drawn to this place. Now when we started our journey I had no idea where ORU was located. Anyway, we looked at it, and I felt like this was the place. I did not know why, or how but something sat right in my spirit. I told the lady I still wanted to look around, but when I got in the car I felt like I shouldn’t. I ended up signing the lease, and in the process I asked the lady where ORU was located and she said “up the street”!

Guys I was in total shock, like really God!!! ( in a good way) You literally placed me in walking distance of the whole reason I moved. If that was not a sign then I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!

I’m sure I forgot to tell you when I moved I had not yet been accepted to ORU. I had submitted and transfer for my job, and it come through faster than expected ! So as I felt God pulling me to Oklahoma I just made the necessary moves to make sure I was in obedience.


As believers we want to know the details, but God never gives us the details, all he does is give us a glimpse of the final product. All these years I had been operating in my calling, but Oklahoma is the place where God called me to train for my purpose.

There is constant push and pull in my spirit because being in between means transition, and resistance and pressure all at the same time. Being in a new place alone and catapulted me into the arms of Christ. Though sometimes what he asks of me is hard, it is all been worth it, and it has grown me tremendously.


Until next time…



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