Homosexuality -1 The Church- 0

I have lived my life on a quest to discover why The Church constantly persecuted Homosexuals but will not persecute those who are committing adultery, those who are fornicating etc. I have found that homosexuality most often manifest itself physically thus people use what they see as the standard to judge. Even if a woman or a man dresses in a way that society would label as dress of the opposite gender, they will often times be labeled as “gay’.

Why is there so much obsession with this sin? Why are these people persecuted because of who they love?

 It is not who they love, it is how they love who they love! but that is another topic for another day! 


The obsession is because it catches the eye, we see females “operating as males” and “males operating as females”.  The human mind that does not understand the root of someones issue, it cannot comprehend why some would want to be “that way” or engage in this “abomination”!  However the understanding they lack is the reason why The Church has exiled the sinner instead of welcomed them in. It all goes back to religion, and how when we were little we had to wear dresses if we were girls, and suits if we were boys. God forbid you pick out slacks as a young lady, the whole church goes up in an uproar!

Many churches have implemented religion and not relationship. That religion is the noose around the neck of a sinner, particularly the homosexual. The church ends up being the people that push them right off the platform! 

This is not every church, but MOST OF THE BLACK CHURCHES! This is sad, and there is no excuse. I know your living your mom’s religion and have no sense of relationship but God makes himself openly available to all. The main reason religion is prominent and not relationship is because people do not allow the Holy Spirit in! If God is love, then:


1 Corinthians 13:4-7

4 God is patient; God is kind; God is not envious or boastful or arrogant 5 or rude. He does not insist on His own way; He is not irritable or resentful; 6 He does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. 7 He bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Here I replaced Love with God…. this is how God shows his love to us…this is not how the church has communicated love.

Instead we have said you have to come perfect, he only loves you if your not gay, your going to hell if your gay… and haven’t said your probably going to hell if your cheating on your wife, also if your in the pulpit leading people astray… but even in this IT IS NOT OUR JOB TO TELL SOMEONE THEY ARE GOING TO HELL.



Our job as the church is to tell the sinner, Jesus loves you, He died for you and he is patiently waiting for the moment to meet with you and love you like you have never been loved before. That is it and that is all.

Once someone gets saved it is the HOLY SPIRIT’S JOB TO DO THE CHANGING, NOT YOURS!

This is why homosexuals run to their community, there is acceptance that they have never felt from the church, theY find a place where they can be themselves. The church should we welcoming them and letting God do the work.



To anyone who struggles with their sexual identity, on behalf of The Church I AM SORRY! we have shunned you instead of love you. You deserve love, Jesus loves you, he died for you and he is waiting to meet with you. I pray that God would show you a genuine community of believers who will love you as you are, and let God do the change if you so desire. Jesus is waiting for you….




With Love, E





Food For The Soul

We feed the things that kill us
And starve the thing that heals us

-Erica Hodge


Isn’t it crazy how we eat when we aren’t hungry? Or we overeat in fear will will be hungry too soon. How about the fact that what we eat could possibly kills us?

One day while conversing with the Holy Spirit I asked him what are we really feeding?

His response hit me hard like a ton of bricks.  We as a generation (I’m talking millennials) have attempted to find ways to satisfy our flesh, whether it be by food or by deed. From sex, to pointless relationships, fast food, drugs, alcohol. We have been looking for something to fill this empty space.


There have been days where I have eaten and been full, but still not satisfied and it perplexed me. I would sit for a while and just look around wondering what it meant. Then I heard the Holy Spirit ask when was the last time you read your bible. I knew it had been a couple of days.

I felt ashamed, I felt embarrassed but I felt relieved all at the same time. This was the answer for many things in life. It is the reason many of us do what we do and are still NOT SATISFIED!

I needed the living word. I needed to feed my spirit instead of my flesh. We always feed the flesh, and the flesh is what kills us. While we are starving our spirits, when that is what heals us. 

I’ve gone through moments in life, before I was saved, where I just couldn’t explain the deficit I felt in my heart, in my life. I would do many things to try to fill that space, or occupy my mind so it wouldn’t drift to a place I felt I wasn’t ready to confront. There came a time when that didn’t work and everything I was trying seemed to be killing me inside.

It was like being severely dehydrated, and looking for living water. The living water that would make me thirst no more. The living water that would never run dry. I knew that this water would cost me though. It would cost me every ounce of comfortability and it has done exactly that. Yet it is worth it, because the person I have become and am becoming is someone who loves God genuinely, and I’m willing to go where he leads me. Knowing that if I ever get thirsty or feel a deficit again I know where to go.

God is waiting for us to run to him, he is itching to fill us with more of him. He is just looking for us to be ready, ready to receive all that he has.


Today my prayer is that you would allow God to fill every empty space in your life, I pray you would allow God into the deep dark places that need healing, and as he heals you he would fill you with is unconditional love. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing. I speak peace to your heart and your mind, I speak clarity and most of all, Love. I pray that God would shower you with his love until you think you have had enough and even then you would overflow.


In JESUS mighty name I pray, AMEN!

Chase God.