One thing I admire about God is his courtesy. God is a gentleman, he does not force things on us, he does not pressure us, nor does us make us feel obligated.


In fact he allows us to pick the paths of our own lives. We can choose to live according to “our” rules or live and be obedient to his. However, we reap what we sow good, and bad! Sometimes life seems favorable, sometimes it does not, but even in that God is good, and never forces anything upon us.


I was recently saddened by a recent death, and I was confused because I know I had a strong faith to believe in healing, and even in resurrection. After I received the news of the individual passing away I was deeply saddened. I could not understand how and why I had unshakable faith, or why I felt like death was not an option! Immediately I heard the Lord say this ” I will never go against the will of an individual, If they want to come home, I honor that,” That gave me a peace I could not explain, but I still had questions.


I wondered why I felt so strongly that death was not an option, God followed with another response “Death is/was not an option for this person, but they are indeed alive, much more alive than they have ever been, or will ever be.” 

I had never ever felt, or thought this way before, and even in the midst of sadness, I understood! Not only did I understand  but I saw God in a different light than I ever had before.

God loves us so much, that he will give us exactly what we want. That could be living a life serving him or a life where one could decide not to acknowledge him at all, nevertheless he allows us to choose. In that allowing us to choose he waits. He waits for us to make up our minds, and even when we have made up our minds he gives us grace to change that decision IF WE WILL!

I could not ask for a better God. He gives us what we need, and let’s us make our own decisions and will only influence them if we ask.


God does not impose, he does not take away… He does what we will, or his will when we invite him in…

We must stop blaming God for things…a lot of times it’s our own will that causes things…


John 10:18 ESV / 

No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This charge I have received from my Father.”


-With Love,